Januari 10, 2010

The title of this paper is “an analysis of students’ ability in reading passage through group work of students at language program of Man 2 Pekanbaru”.
This research was carried out at MAN 2 Model pekanbaru. It is a descriptive research, the writer took one class (II language program) consisting of 30 students, as population of this research. In collecting data, the writer used test to find out the students’ ability in reading passage through group work. To analyze the data the writer used the formula as follows:

P = ?fx x 100 %

The result shows that the students’ ability in reading passage through group work is categories Fair (59). So, its find that the students’ ability in reading passage of Man 2 Model pekanbaru is enough.

It is realized that English plays a very important role in the major aspects of life in this globalization era. It is most widely spoken in the world with more than 500 hundred millions people. Therefore, it is ready to assume its role as the global language. Its influence is increasing with the advance of information and technology, which has evidently accelerated the explosion of knowledge. Increasing the speed of communication for various purposes and gradually created as a global culture. This global language will contribute a great deal to one’s success in this information era.
Donough (i993:101) states that, as a skill reading is clearly one of the most important; in fact in many instances around the world, we may argue that reading is the most important language skill, particularly in cases where students have a read English material for their own specialist subject.
English has been taught and learned as a foreign language for years at Indonesian schools beginning from junior secondary school to senior secondary school, even up to university or college. During the colonial Dutch government, English was taught and learned as the second foreign language while Dutch was learned as the first foreign language. However, since Indonesia proclaimed its independence in 1945, the Indonesian government declared a national policy on teaching English language at Indonesian schools (Be, 1993). Since then, as officially stated in the national curriculum, English language has replaced the position of Dutch as the first foreign language that learners had to learn. In other words, since 1945 English language has become one of the compulsory subjects at the Indonesian primary and secondary schools.
In general, the aim of teaching reading is to develop the students’ ability to read the material, get information and understand about text. The aim of teaching for the reader is to comprehend and to react to what is written (Brown, 1982:18). However their skill is not easy to master because the reader should have ability
Reading requires a familiarity on the part of the reader with the two fundamental building blocks of the particular language under study, that is structure and vocabulary (Valette, 1967). Between the two building blocks, structure is more important because if the sentence is not structurally correct, then the reader will not understand the text. However, if he does not know the meaning of a word, he can find it in a dictionary.
Reading used to be the principal aim of most foreign language courses. The skills of reading are given priority over other language skills that has been developed and evaluated through textual analyses. When the student is learning to read a foreign language his/her mind should be functioned in that language. To implement this particularly at the elementary level, should be introduced at widely spaced intervals and they should be accompanied with the definitions in the target language.
Madrasah Aliyah Negeri or MAN 2 has become a model school of 14 State Islamic Senior High Schools in RIAU province. The model school means that the school becomes an example to be followed by other schools at the same level in the aspects of teaching and learning process, teachers’ profile, teaching facilities and a school management and administration as well as its quality. It has seven English teachers with qualification four undergraduates of Department of English Language Education and one Master of English Language Education. The number of students is 703 persons with 24 classes. (Documented data MAN 2 2005) Even though this is a model state Islamic senior high school with sufficient facilities and professional teachers, the result of English national exam in average is high.( 4.60 )
At State Islamic Senior High School or MAN 2 Pekanbaru, English is taught 5 credit-hours a week with a time allocation 45 minutes each, except for language major in which English is given for 11 credit hours a week. Based on students’ English classroom observation, the students in majority cannot communicate among each other in English although they have learned English since Elementary Schools, except for those who take language major. Furthermore, in English teaching and learning process, teacher-centred activities are dominated in the classroom. So, in order to get further causes why the students obtain poor achievement in learning English, it is needed a research dealing with the teaching and learning English.
Based on the fore-mentioned, information that the teaching and learning of English at State Islamic Senior High School, the symptoms can be observed the Students are difficult to maintain their interest in reading passage, the students get confused to recognize parts of speech through reading passage, the students misplaced the correct part of speech in reading passage, some of the students still get difficulty in finding the factual information, and some students still do not know the meaning of each sentence
From the above symptoms, the writer interested in carrying out research with a title: AN ANALYSIS OF STUDENTS’ ABILITY IN READING PASSAGE THROUGH GROUP WORK OF STUDENTS AT LANGUAGE PROGRAM OF MAN 2 PEKANBARU.

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