Januari 10, 2010

This is the result of An Analysis of the Main Characters’ Hatred Depicted in Sandra Brown’s Novel, “Where There’s Smoke”. This analysis shows that Jody hates Lara because she knows Lara is the woman who makes her son’s carrier, Clark, in political down. Jody also hates her son, Key, because Keyis the same as her husband who always makes love adventure to all women whom he like, so it is makes her hate Key so much.
Lara’s hatred to her husband occurred as her husband is the cause of their daughter’s death. Her husband is too ambitious to be a hero for his country, America.

Human being is god’s creature, since born he or she has given thought and mind that they use in their interaction in their environment to each other. The thought and mind appear the human’s emotion. The emotion is coming to response anything which derives from outside.
The emotion that owned by human being consists of two kinds. They are good and bad emotion. Good emotion usually fulfills someone’s life dominating with love, kindness etc. however, the people in bad emotion, his or her life will be dominated by hatred. This emotion commonly makes the people in trouble as well as in the big disappointment. Hatred in very bad to be owned. To get the clear understanding on hatred, Webster English language dictionary define :
Strong aversion detestion coupled with ill, either the simple emotion or emotional state of aversion abhorrence.
(Webster, 1974 : 1144)
From the quotation above can be said that hatred is the feeling of dislike to someone because of one or some, reason. The reasons can be caused by disapointed, betrayed etc.
The quotation above shows that hatred is the feeling of dislike to someone because of one or some reason. At least it can be said that hatred is a response towards someone’s bad behavior or attitude. Dealing with the analysis has taken hatred as the subject matter on this study.
The character’s behavior or attitude in the novel “Where there’s Smoke” written by Sandra Brown shows the way and the cause of hatred. The character’s behavior are being interesting to discuss as it may give us a good moral lesson in enduring the life.

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