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The Ideological Transformation Appearing on the Character Concept of the Second Chapter of Gulliver’s Travels movie: a Voyage to

Januari 10, 2010

Media is one of the important equipment to share an ideology in every layer of social class, especially of film which is usually consumed. Movie is produced into various genres, such as movie adaptation. In the movie adaptation, the audiences usually discover a transformation idea from its original work. For instance, the different character that is happened in the Gulliver’s Travels movie differs from its novel. It is why; this research is used to find out the difference of the second chapter: A Voyage to Brobdingnag in the movie differs from that of the novel in terms of ideology appearing on the character concept.

In this research, the writer uses popular culture as an important element to discuss Gulliver’s Travels the movie and film studies that is used to recognize the different concept in the Gulliver’s Travels the movie. Race, gender, and historical studies are the essential part to support the transformation idea from Gulliver’s Travels the movie. This research uses qualitative method in which content analysis becomes the type of research.
In analyzing this research, popular culture shelter some issues inside. Here, the writer knows how the transformation idea relates to some ideologies. In this case, the difference concept of character is significantly appeared in the movie version than the original novel. Race appears clearly where there are many black people portrays in the movie version. Then, there is a gender issue that connects to the use of queen character differs with what the novel does, that is King. By looking at the difference of character concept in the movie version, the issue of gender and race are mostly occurred there. By using historical facts, the transformation ideas are reasonable. Those issues are closely connected with a true condition that is tried to deliver by the movie director obviously.
For the next researcher, the writer suggests to continue this research by using novel studies. It is used to investigate the plot development completely.

Movie becomes one of the most popular works nowadays. At this point, the main object of this thesis is a movie in which this movie version is taken from the canon masterpiece which is usually called as adaptation work. Thus, the basic understanding on the element of the original novel and historical point are taken into consideration to analyze the adaptation movie. On the other hand, in disclosing the problems mentioned in the previous chapter, film studies will function as the main theory. We can not separate the use of film studies with popular culture studies because popular culture becomes the main study that sheltered the whole concepts.
Popular culture studies is a study that combines many life aspects of this world such as, politic, economy, communication, sociology, media, social, literary theory, film/video studies, art, etc. It relates on how the culture works, how the culture affects society, and the relationship between culture and its product. According to Nachbar and Lause (1992, p. 6) have said that “the popular culture formula is a valuable tool in that helps us in selecting cultural elements for examination and reminds us on how to examine them.”

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