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This is the result of An Analysis of the Main Characters’ Hatred Depicted in Sandra Brown’s Novel, “Where There’s Smoke”. This analysis shows that Jody hates Lara because she knows Lara is the woman who makes her son’s carrier, Clark, in political down. Jody also hates her son, Key, because Keyis the same as her husband who always makes love adventure to all women whom he like, so it is makes her hate Key so much.
Lara’s hatred to her husband occurred as her husband is the cause of their daughter’s death. Her husband is too ambitious to be a hero for his country, America.

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Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan bentuk-bentuk perencanaan, penerapan, dan evaluasi yang dilakukan dalam upaya untuk meningkatkan keefektifan dan efisiensi dalam proses belajar mengajar Bahasa Inggris di kelas XI SMA Negeri 1 Sewon, Bantul pada tahun ajaran 2005/2006.
Ada beberapa faktor yang turut berperan dalam upaya peningkatan keefektifan pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris di kelas XI SMA Negeri 1 Sewon, Bantul. Faktor-faktor tersebut adalah: guru, siswa, materi yang diajarkan, teknik penyampaian materi, waktu, dan fasilitas yang tersedia. Sedangkan efisiensi berhubungan dengan semua faktor yang ada selama proses belajar mengajar. Selain berhubungan dengan faktor-faktor yang terlibat dalam proses belajar mengajar, pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris juga berhubungan dengan empat macam keterampilan bahasa yaitu listening, speaking, reading, dan writing.

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Semantic Analysis of the Word Have Using the Natural Semantic Metalanguage

One of the Linguistic subfields is Semantics. It is usually understood to be the study of meanings which are encoded in the structure of the language. In modern Linguistics, the meaning is studied by making detailed analysis of way words and sentences that are used in specific contexts. One of Semantic theories is Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM), namely a Reductive paraphrase or Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM) approach is founded on the principles of clarity and simplicity. The basic idea is that we should try to describe complex meanings in terms of simpler ones. The NSM is one of the semantic metalanguages used to state semantic representation including English linguistic form such as “have”.
There are two essential problems for the study, namely (1) What is the meaning of the word Have? and (2) In which context each meaning is used?
The design of this research is qualitative method since the data of this study cannot be treated with statistical procedures as those in the quantitative research. The source of the data is Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Current English and Oxford Advanced Learner’s Encyclopedic Dictionary. In this research, the selected sentences are only the sentences that consist of the word Have.
Having conducted the analysis, I found that there are three different meanings of the word Have, namely Have which roughly means possess or own, which applies to whatever belongs to someone and part of someone or it is used in the context of showing something belongs to someone. Have which roughly means cause or ask. It applies to cause someone to do something or cause something to be done. Have roughly means already. It applies to something which already happened or something which has happened in the past. The context of each meaning of Have is, first, Have roughly means possess or own is used in the context of present tense. Second, Have roughly means cause or ask is used in the context of causative. Third, Have roughly means already is used in the context of Present Perfect Tense. In other words, it can be said that perfective aspect determines the last meaning.

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Comparative Study Between English and Indonesian Adverb

In learning language of English and Indonesian adverb we can not avoid complement. The elements of sentence are subject object,predicate and complement. The complement are noun, verb ,adjective and adverb.

The porpuse of this study is to describe the differences and similiarities between – English and Indonesian adverb.

The Objective of the study in this thesis are to know the differences and similarities of the adverb types and position between English and Indonesian adverb.

In this thesis the writer used qualitative descriptive analysis for research design. The data in this study are collected from some books of English and Indonesian.

In English there are 6 types. Type are adverb of time,adverb of place adverb of frequency, adverb of degree, adverb of manner, and sentence adverb. The positions of adverb in English are initial position, middle position, and final position.

In Indonesian there are 6 types. They are adverb of time, adverb of place, adverb of frequency , adverb of degree, adverb of modalities, and adverb of situation. The position. The position adverb in Indonesian is free.

The difference of types in Indonesian is sentence adverb in English and adverb of situation in Indonesian. And similarities are adverb in English and Indonesian modify noun and verb.

Finally, this thesis only has given a little description about English and Indonesian
adverb. Which can be used by someone who want to know English and Indonesian adver-
b. And the writer suggest that this study be continued by other researches,especially thes-
is writer at collage and letter Malang (IKIP BUDI UTOMO MALANG).

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A Study Of The Characterization Of The Main Characters Of Danielle Steel’s “A Special Delivery

This study is chosen because the writer is interested in studying literature. By reading literary work automatically we can develop our knowledge and science. And we can arrange the words that are chosen by thee author. Beside that, the writer also can get the author’s feeling or experiences from the object of the study in “A Special Delivery” by Danielle Steel. After reading and studying this novel through the way of play based on the characters characterizatin of the story.
The writer conducted a study concerning the caracterization of the main characters. To support the study, the writer reviwed reverences materials such as books and some literary theories .
This study the writer will analyze the characterization of the main character of danielle steel “A Special Delivery” by using stuctural analytical approach. The data were analyzed descriptive and objectively. The procedures of the research were selecting the materials or sources, which were selecting the materials or sources which were suitable with the problems and the purpose of the study, reading and the materials or sources many times. Composing the theories that will be used the analyzes, deciding the problems list and chronological disscussion, a studying the novel, Analyzing the novel based on the novel reasearch problems and the theory references, and concluding the of the analysis result.

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A Comparative Study Between Male and Female Students’ Ability of English Speaking of the First Year Students of Madrasah Aliyah

The title of this research is A Comparative Study Between Male and Female Students’ Ability of English Speaking of the First Year Students of Madrasah Aliyah Hubbulwathan Duri.
This research consits of two variables: independent variable symbolized as “X” and depent variable symbolized as “Y”. Independent variable “Y” is sex of the students, while dependent variable “Y” is the students’ score in English speaking test.
The research was carried out of Madrasah Aliyah Hubbulwathan Duri that conducted in February to the end of March 2008. The subject of this research is to find out the student’s ability in speaking, while the object is to find out their differences in ability of speaking.
To collect the data of this study, the writer used speaking test. The writer interviewed the respondents. Then the collected data were analysed by using serial correlation formula

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English as an International language has an important role to develop science and technologies. The states of the problems are. (1) What analysis is to be described on the use simple past tense among students of the ninth year SMPN 3 Pare? (2) What analysis is to be described on the frequency occurrence of the errors made among the students of the ninth year students of SMPN 3 Pare on the use simple past tense? In trying to analyze the students’ language, the research will be focused on the aspect of An Error Analysis on the Use of simple past tense among them.
The objectives of this study are (1) to identify and classify the errors of the ninth year students of a SMP Negeri 3 Pare in using simple past tense, (2) to describe the frequency occurrence of the errors. The instrument used was a test on English simple past tense for Junior High school level.
The population of the study was the ninth year students of SMP Negeri 3 Pare, which consisted of three classes. However, samples were used as the researcher could not cope with the whole population. The samples consisted of 50 students.
Students errors identified in this study were categories into three types, namely, errors of omission errors addition and errors misformation. The result of the analysis shows that there were in all, 1234 errors among 50 students.
The types of errors among the students in constructing and using English simple past tense consisted of 68 (5%) errors of omission, 95 (8%) errors of addition and 1071 (87%) errors of misformation. From the highest to the lowest, the errors were: misformation, addition, and omission.
The result of farther analysis shows that the students seemingly have problems in each category omission, addition and misformation. Thus, the students were often found to make errors in using those patterns high.
The average number of errors made of all the students was 46%. From the percentage, it can be conclude that the students’ mastery in using English simple past tense was poor.

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