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Analysis in the Use of Simple past Tense Made by the Ninth Year Students of SMPN 3 malang

English as an International language has an important role to develop science and technologies. In trying to analyze the students’ language, the research will be focused on the aspect on the aspect of simple tense.
The objectives of this study are (1) to identify and classify the errors of the ninth year students of a SMP in using simple past tense, (2) to describe the frequency occurrence of the errors. The instrument used was a test on English simple past tense for Junior High school level.
The population of the study was the third year students of SMP which consisted of class. However, samples were used as the researcher could not cope with the whole population. The samples consisted of 51 students.

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People as a human being are inseparable from making errors. They can make errors in different ways, for example in making perception. This thesis is based on deixis in the Devil and Daniel Webster play text by Stephen Vincent Benet. In reading literary works, sometimes we get difficulties in comprehending the works or facing misunderstanding in interpreting the messages as like in the dialogue of the play. The theory of deixis is chosen because deixis is used to point thing in order to make clear what a writer means. The researcher chooses the Devil and Daniel Webster play text to be analyzed because the researcher assumed that in the Devil and Daniel Webster play text there are kinds of deixis which can be analyzed. And, this play text is categorized as old text, because there are some words considering difficult to be understood. The researcher chooses the supporting characters because the researcher concludes that supporting characters have an important role in the story. If there are no supporting characters the change will be drastically.
This study uses a descriptive qualitative research design in which the data are taken from the Devil and Daniel Webster play text by Stephen Vincent Benet, because the data collected are the subject’s experiences and perspective.
The findings of this study are the three types of the person deixis, namely the first person deixis, the second person deixis, and the third person deixis are mostly used in The Devil and Daniel Webster play text since the writer of play text wants to show the participants in the speech event. Moreover, the time deixis often appears in The Devil and Daniel Webster play text, because the writer of play text wants to express the time when the event occurs. Meanwhile, the place deixis also often appears in The Devil and Daniel Webster play text, because the writer of play text wants to explain the location at the points of utterance. Then, social deixis and discourse deixis rarely appears in The Devil and Daniel Webster play text.

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analisis kalimat intransitif pada novel if tomorrow comes karya sidney seldon

Judul skripsi ini adalah analisis kalimat intransitif pada novel if tomorrow comes karya sidney seldon satu kajian sistaksis-semantis. Obyek yang ditekliti pada skripsi ini adalah kalimat intransitif yang terdapat pada novel tersebut, yang kemudian dibagi lagi jenisnya sesuai dengan struktur kalimat dan jenis verba yang muncul.
Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah metode deskriptis-analisis, penggunaan metode ini adalah dengan cara mengumpulkan data terlebih dahulu, kemudian disusun berdasarkan polanya, dan setelah itu dianalisis secara kajian sintaksis dan semantis.

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The Relationship Between Interest in Learning English and The Result of English Summative Test of The Second Grade Students

The ultimate of purpose of the research is explaining the relationship between Interest in Learning English as an independent variable (X) and the Result of English Summative Test as a dependent variable (Y), and the relationship is formulated in a hypothesis: “Students’ interest is related to their score of English Summative Test positively”
The Interest is measured through four indicators, such as: level of attention; level of preference; level of self confidence and level of improvement activities in English, whereas the Result of Summative English Test was available.
In conclusion from the analysis by linear regression indicated that the hypothesis is accepted. And how the Interest influence to the Result of English Summative Test is explained through the equation of regression: Y = 2,30 + 0,71 X. It means: if the Interest is increasing one (1) score, the score of Summative English Test Interest is increasing 0,71. So, very important for school as an institution of education to create conditions that can raise students’ interest in English, very important for English teacher to develop students’ interest through creativity in application of learning methods too, beside to increase their English proficiency through training or advanced course.

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The Ideological Transformation Appearing on the Character Concept of the Second Chapter of Gulliver’s Travels movie: a Voyage to

Media is one of the important equipment to share an ideology in every layer of social class, especially of film which is usually consumed. Movie is produced into various genres, such as movie adaptation. In the movie adaptation, the audiences usually discover a transformation idea from its original work. For instance, the different character that is happened in the Gulliver’s Travels movie differs from its novel. It is why; this research is used to find out the difference of the second chapter: A Voyage to Brobdingnag in the movie differs from that of the novel in terms of ideology appearing on the character concept.

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The effect of lexical simplification to the second year students of SMK Negeri 3 Palembang.

The study was conducted to find out whether or not there was any significant difference in reading comprehension achievement between the students who were taught by using lexical simplification and those who were taught by using the original text. The Population of the study covered all of the second year students at SMK Negeri 3 Palembang. Eighty students were randomly chosen as the sample. The students were divided into two groups, each group had 40 students. During the study, the writer used one of the quasi-experimental types, non-equivalent control group design. The writer used the test twice as pretest and posttest. The pretest was given before the treatment to know the students achievement before the treatment. The posttest was given to know the students’ achievement after the treatment. Before the test was used, its validity and reliability was checked. The result of the study was analyzed by using paired sample t-test and independent sample t-test through the statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS/PC) program for windows. Based on the independent sample t-test, it was found that the value of t-obtained was 4.018. The significant level of 0.05 two tailed test and the degree of freedom 78, the t-table value was 1.980. Since the value of t-obtained was higher than the value of t-table (4.018 > 1.980), the writer assumed that the null hypothesis (H0) was rejected and the research hypothesis (H0) was accepted. It meant that there was a significant difference between the experimental and control group after the treatment was given

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Jika dilihat dari sudut pandang siswa, keefektifan dalam pembelajaran listening bergantung pada konsentrasi mereka selama proses belajar mengajar, penguasaan kosakata, dan pronunciation. Seperti pada reading, agar pembelajaran listening lebih efektif maka siswa harus terlebih dahulu mengetahui kebutuhannya, sehingga mereka tahu apa yang harus mereka dengarkan.

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